travelling with babies on your own

20 June 2012

I'm over at Emma's blog - The Marion House Book, talking about travelling with babies. And yes if she tells me to skip through duty free zone with her, I do it. I prefer happy baby to screaming one at the airport. Luckily she is now at that age when she prefers to smell the perfumes....


  1. Hi Veronika! I saw your post on The Marion House Book and I had a quick question for you. If you're bringing a baby carrier (we have the Ergo), do you still need to bring along a stroller? Or would one do?

    1. Hello Kiana, I think it depends where're you going, how old is your baby etc. When they are really small they still need to lie down for most of the time, also it depends how you going to spend your time, if walking around a lot or just being at your family or friends house, around one hotel then I wouldn't take it...but I'm no expert:) depends how much is your baby used to being carried as me it was more convenient but they do get heavy after a while:)


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