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25 September 2012

Hi, it is Petra here today.

I love magazines like Livingetc full of gorgeous spacey interiors but the reality is often different. Have you got a small room and tight budget? Never mind. Such limits can lead into nontraditional solution. As is this bedroom.
At the beginning of the year a young family asked me to participate on the interior of their new village house. They just moved in with few pieces of furniture from their previous flat and a vision of orange walls ... . There was new but  poor quality spruce floor in the bedroom and no ceiling light. So I suggested to paint the floor white glaze. I chose the wall color and toned bed linen. As for light, textile lamp shades hang on a cable from the ceiling hook. This solution enables easy light intensity adjustment just by moving lights up and down. Space for clothing and books is hidden behind the patterned curtain. It is made of two different old wardrobes and shelves. We just unmounted the doors. For easy cleaning washable rug is ideal. DIY from electrical insulating tape. Just won't warm your feet :-)
When I was finishing the bedroom, trees were blooming like the textile lamp shades above bed and Veronika just released black version of "Kiss slowly" poster. It fitted there perfectly. 

And clients impressions? They are happy not having orange walls...

See you next week!

photos & styling by P.+V. Weiss


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