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9 October 2012

3 years
As I mentioned in my last post it has been 3 years since I opened a little shop on Etsy. Something that was only meant to be a hobby when on maternity leave with my daughter Anya grew slowly into a business. 
When A. was one  I made a picture for my friends wedding and a couple of others just to be creative and do something else, have a hobby. I had a few positive comments on flickr and this blog so decided to open a shop on Etsy. It was easy to set up, be part of the Etsy community and always have quick feedback. 
I was so happy when people started writing about my work on blogs and other websites. I was working myself, just a few hours a day when Anya was sleeping. 
A Few months later I joined Not On The High Street. They have been very supportive and encouraging, it was good for me. I didn't have a much of an idea what I was doing. Later that year I was very lucky and  my work was featured in Real Simple magazine in their summer gift guide. My picture was featured on a full page of the magazine. I was warned to be busy after that, but didn't realise how much work was going to be involved. I worked with the help of my family about 18 hours a day and had to close the shop a few times as I couldn't cope with my orders. I was completely unprepared, with the work load not having had this experience.
I worked as an interior designer and visual merchandiser before, but I had never sold anything, I didn't have a clue how to price items, how to deal with wholesale. I just knew how to make things pretty:)
That year I employed two part time girls to help me out with my orders. Both mums with small babies as well. 
My business has grown slowly and steadily since then. I have been learning everything myself, from photography, styling, dealing with suppliers, absolute lack of sleep and little time for my daughter. She was often playing in the background while I was packaging pictures and replying to emails. 
But she has been my inspiration, energy boost and a little friend:)
I missed on lots of opportunities due to my complete absence of business mind at the beginning but I don't mind that. I wanted to grow my shop comfortably, in speed which I could keep and stay sane. 

In last 3 years I had workspace in our kitchen, upstairs in a little studio and now outside of our home in an office. I employ 5 part time girls. I'm still learning so much, making small steps one by one. I have more responsibility not just to me but other people as well. 

I feel very happy I can be doing something what I love, work hard but also take time off when I need to. But I believe none of this would be possible without people around me, our customers and also this blog and community, you. 

I had so much unexpected support from you guys and I'm immensely grateful for that. THANK YOU!


  1. Veru, to je moc pekny pribeh a krasna prace za tebou! Preju, at se S&B dal vzkveta! Myslim na tebe, M/K

  2. Je úžasné a inspirativní co jsi během tří let dokázala vytvořit.Jsem moc ráda, že jsi o tom napsala :-) Ať se ti stále vše daří. Petra

  3. Congratulations on your 3 years and making such a fabulous success of you business. All your hard work and great eye for design has been worth it.

  4. Congratulations also from me. Your collage is beautiful! Hug, Barbara

  5. Beautiful collage. Your story is an inspiration.

  6. I really enjoy yout blog and work. You have a great sense of style and I've been admiring your pictures, interiors and products for a while. When I want to see something pretty I often visit here. Congratulations on your blossoming business and much good luck for the future:D

  7. i really love the red accents.=)

  8. Congratulations Veronica! I am sure you are an inspiration to many of us. Wishing you many more great creative years ahead!


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