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16 October 2012

Hi, it is Petra here today.

Kids are amazingly resourceful and creative, great artists, great builders, they are eager to know and learn everything. I love to watch my son in his 'work' (as he says), it's really inspiring, I learned a lot from him.
We spent a few days with friends in London at the beginning of this summer. For Hugo it was a week full of powerful experiences. First flight, he saw London buses and taxi, dinosaurs in the museum and in particular he found a new friend who, like him, enjoys running, climbs everywhere and they both have love for drawing and books! And he also discovered Gruffalo :-)
He loves everything 'English' now. After returning back home ABC song sounds again and again and  he builds London all the time... . One morning I found him in the kitchen copying letters from a book, he also "baked" Gruffalo crumble recently and today I found the "Garage" made of paper wrapping. And he wrote everything  by himself! He will go to school in two years, just celebrated fifth birthday. But more on that next time.

And a bit of inspiration from the faerie world of children. 

See you next week.

photos & styling by H.+P.+V. Weiss


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