HAPPY NEW YEAR + food for thoughts

6 January 2013

Hello there! I hope you had a lovely time over the last two weeks and feeling refreshed and full of energy into the new year. We came back after two weeks with my family, as usual it was wonderful  to be away, dining, drinking, talking and just to be together.
I have also done a lot of thinking over the last few weeks, tried to make few decisions about my work and hobbies. Every couple of months I feel I need to stop and think. I'm normally very impatient and do things very much straightaway without thinking and much consideration. I would like to think I get better as I get older but a not great deal. Like everyone else I feel I need to make a few changes at the beginning of every year, but this year rather then having some resolutions I have only a few goals or wishes.
Last January I wanted to do more exercise and cook more. I started running quite regularly the past year, cooking just tiny bit better than before. One of my "secret goals" this year was to simplify. Everything. I have periods of simplifying and then cluttering back my life but gradually I would like the former to be the main.

This year I would like to read and travel more, be calmer and don't rush things. What about you? Do you feel like changing anything?

One of my small changes will be this blog. I feel over the last three years since I started it's changed a lot. I started it as my project diary, interior design, then I wrote less about myself and mixed all sorts of things. I had issues with feeling too overexposed and publicly visible, wanted to be more anonymous and less personal. I slowly introduced other things as weddings, styling and fashion.

I would like to go back to things I enjoyed doing, taking more photos, creating and styling things, coming up with my own ideas and sharing them with you. Would that be ok with you?

I will be taking a short break from this space, maybe even moving it somewhere else and planning things carefully and with time.

In a meantime I would love if you could let me know what you enjoyed about this blog or if there something what would you like to see more. 

I'm still very much addicted to Pinterest where you can follow me to see what I like and I'll post regularly on Facebook with interesting links and updates on my work.

Once more Happy New Year everyone and see you soon!

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  1. Happy NY! I really enjoy visiting your blog and seeing all your personal styling around your home. I love to get a peek into people's lives, not just to see pictures taken from Pinterest. Tumblr etc. It's great to see how successful you have been with your blog and business this past year or so and I wish you all the very best with it for the coming year.

    My NY's change will be to run more. I started in the Fall and now have goals set for an 8k in March. A complete change for me as I've never been runner. Getting more healthy again is also top of the list.

    1. I have never been runner either, started last year and love it now. Happy new year Victoria! xx

  2. I love the wedding posts from 2012! Keep them up.

  3. Drzim palce s predsevzetimi! At se ti dari, co si prejes a vymyslis dalsi pekne nove veci.

  4. I would say - Share what you love! Whatever it is as long as you love it! I also enjoy styling from arnoud the home, yours or found, changing with seasons and moods.

    1. Great to hear! thank you I will be posting more my own work this year....x

  5. I love the peeks into your home and family life. I know that's slightly voyeuristic but it's what I come to your blog for. I also love Petra's posts. :)

  6. I read only a handful of blogs and yours is one of them. I love your style and taste and really enjoy the variety of your posts. Thank you and all the best for 2013

  7. Hola Hola, I enjoy the blog as it is, I wouldn't change anything about it. I don't know you, but I am a designer who happens to have a blog where I post now and again, about my work, things I like, etc...but I don't make it my priority as I am not a blogger, I don't make money out of it or intend to, or care about who follows me or not, It is really my personal diary, if people come and visit great, if not i don't feel any pressure of posting more often or varied content. Anyway thanks for making this pace a beautiful and interesting one, regards from sunny Spain where I am currently working. Marga


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