Valentines day?

26 January 2013

Do you celebrate Valentines day? if yes do you buy something red and with hearts or something small & quirky? or you don't celebrate it at all?
Once a year I do like a bit of red, not one of my favourite colours, but I think after white cold winter is refreshing to see this bright and uplifting shade.
I took a few shots today for our shop and I hope you agree with me that red or hearts don't have to be cheesy but also simple and modern. And couple little details makes it even more special.

photos & styling by me + our shop
Je T'aime poster created by Audrey Walas for our shop. 


  1. Lovely as ever! Did I imagine that you posted your catalogue on here?
    I did see it somehow, it looked lovely reminded me of Cox and Cox! Dxxx

  2. thank you Dawn! yes it's couple posts up...Cox & cox ? nice one:)


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