happiness is made for you

12 February 2013

I never really told you about this poster we now have in our shop - Happiness is made for you. I always find it fascinating how people come up with ideas. So if you are interested here is a story behind this poster.
As you might know I'm a huge secret romantic and I love old love stories, nothing cheesy but classical type of romance, sad, eternal love. That kind of feelings people die for.
So when I was reading Love Letters of Great Men , which I really enjoyed by the way, I came across one letter from Napoleon to his wife Josephine. And this is the part of the letter:

" Do not put yourself out; run after pleasures; happiness is made for you. The entire world is too glad to be able to please you......."

So here you go this is my inspiration.  I think we are partly responsible for our happiness and if we believe we deserve to be happy we are more likely be that way.....


  1. ...so she did and the world did all its best too:) lovely poster. world, will you be my joseph-ine?

  2. Love you shop so very much and love that book--Those beautiful love letters are wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing this story about your creative process.


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