Australia 5. - Good Bye

18 March 2013

Last week of our trip took us to Queensland. We stayed in place called Rainbow Beach about 3 hours north of Brisbane. A small town surrounded by nature, deep forest and ocean. As it was after summer season the town was very quiet, so our two teenagers felt a bit bored. But selfishly I didn't mind at all. I loved it. I managed to read  a few books, swam every morning, slept long hours...just paradise. We stayed in this place which was luxury itself. Seriously perfect...
We visited Fraser's Island, which was just 15 mins drive. It's a World Heritage site and the largest sand island in the world. Magical place.
Unfortunately the weather was a bit changeable but still very warm.
I'm sorry to everyone who is fed up with me going about our "perfect " trip to Aus but I wanted to share with you my experience and some of my thousands photos.

Just last couple notes :

Australia is bigger then you think, I know sounds  banal but you don't realise how huge it is until you are there.

At the moment their dollar is very strong so everything is very very expensive for Europeans.

Check your flight details, not once but twice even save yourself lots of trouble.

I personally think 4 year old is bit too young for a long trip like this. A. was fantastic, really enjoyed it, but she still feel a bit tired now from the constant travelling and moves.

Don't care if someone tells you what to pack, make your own choices:)

If members of family don't pack any books for long flights pack it for them. Or make them to buy some in duty free. You save yourself sanity.


so Good Bye Australia!


  1. I am so delighted to see such amazing photographs.It's often hard to explain how amazing the beach views appearing to me.

  2. It was great to follow your journey at least over the internet. Thank you for sharing some great photography with us.
    Petra and Vlad

  3. australia very beauty place... never forget when i there..

  4. I tell you a secret, if Australia wasn't so far away I would be living there by now, it has got all I need and like, it is a combination of Canary island with a big city like London. Melbourne would be my place. Chocolate does very well in this country, so it would make sense to move over there?? but what about my family? and boyfriend who is scared of flying? coming to London is a big deal imaging taken him all the way there?

    Your photos are gorgeous, they really are, I need to learn how to use my camera, have a nice Easter break, I wish i had my beach near by, but quite time with friends and work in London will do for the time being, by the way do you go to the bloggers meet up?


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