my week in 5 photos

21 April 2013

From my previous post you might have guessed I spend a lot of free time with our new kitten, William. 
He has been getting used to our house, and all of us can't stop cuddling and playing with him. 
The weather is finally nicer so tried to spend some time outside, cycling, gardening and walking. I also  wallpapered a wall in our living room with a new paper from Ferm Living , which makes the room much lighter and fun. It was very easy to put up  so I highly recommend it. I will post more photos soon. We had a few couples around for dinner last night, which was a nice end to a fairly relaxed week. I hope you had a great week(end)? 
All photos from my instagram


  1. just beautiful! Love your style xxb

  2. Looking very nice, love the choice of wallpaper, as a background for the wooden vintage pieces, and the cosy living space you have created with the grey sofa and brown touches, I think I recognise that cushion?? haha...I would love to show the new decor home, together with some of your work in my blog, please let me know if this is ok and when you will have some new photos done. Regards from sunny peckham.

    1. Thank you, yes your cushion is lovely. I will definitely take some nicer photos soon and let you know...


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