my week in 5 photos

30 April 2013

The sun has been out which is absolutely wonderful, we have been busy with starting wedding season and changing our website, I also danced quite heavily this weekend at a friends wedding and now I have a horrible cold. But all feels good and I hope for you as well?
all photos my instagram


  1. I like this idea of capturing your week in five shots xx

  2. He is fast becoming the king of the house isn't? he is lovely. Wait until you have to wait for him to come in to go to bed, last night my cat was out and about and made wait for an hour before he decided he wanted to call it the night, I almost kill him...NIce styling, pls let me know when I can do a post about your work in my blog. Enjoy the sun!

    1. Ahh, at the moment he is jumps on our head at about 1am wanting to play:)

  3. Oooh ... changing your website. Any previews?


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