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12 May 2013

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Last week my parents, my sister and I went to Iceland. It was very unusual and incredibly fun experience. We purposely wanted to go without our partners just sort of "old family" like when we were kids and it felt like it. There was so much laughter, just a brilliant time. 
I have never been to Iceland before,  its an amazing place. We stayed for 3 days  in Reykjavik ( in this hotel, great location in an old port) and made trips into countryside. Unfortunately there wasn't time to see all places I planned, but still we managed to see loads and come back full of memories. 
It was cold and rainy for a bit, felt like early March, but we had couple of sunny, clear days so we were taking photos like crazy. Some places felt like landing on a moon, actually quite a lot of them, almost surreal, black lava fields everywhere you looked, steam coming out the mountains, hot lakes to bath in....hardly any trees....The grass wasn't green yet in most areas so it evoked the feeling of emptiness and contrast even more, I imagine that in summer when everything turns green it must be wonderful. 

For me this video perfectly captures the island

Truly unique country, do visit if you can.......


  1. those images are absolutely stunning! that first one especially caught my eye..

  2. It's fun to see these pictures, I'm Icelandic and I love the pictures :)

  3. Glad that you had a super time. How special to recapture your family days, growing up!

    1. it was so great, the best idea I had in ages:)

  4. The spring/summer weather came to us just a couple of days ago and the grass is getting greener now. Love your pictures, I always love to read about travel stories and look at pictures from people who visit Iceland (you know, being an Icelander...)

    1. Thanks, I loved it there, although a bit too cold:)

  5. Wonderful and great pictures, I falled in love with Iceland last year, it was so great :-)

  6. Hi,

    thank you for this nice review! I´ve been there with a friend this year, too. It is really beautiful. We definitly want to visit Iceland again, because there are so many things to discover! ;)

    If you want you can read our trip on on the right side of my Blog is a translation-Button!

    Have a nice day, warm regards, Lise

  7. Amazing!!! Great great. Love to see . Have a look at Iceland Travel


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