3 June 2013

I started this blog back in the autumn of 2009 mainly documenting DIY projects around our house, writing about my family and my daughter. Maybe because of this space I also started my little business - sarah & bendrix. My life evolved massively and work which started as a little part time job is now a small business which I'm very proud of. 
I've mentioned here a few times previously that I'm not sure if I should continue this blog, what to write about and feeling overwhelmed by it all. I have been thinking about this for long and hard and decided to say bye to this space. It feels quite scary as it was a huge part of my life for the past 5 years. Also I feel very grateful for the support, help and advice I was given via this blog. So thank you all!
with our new website which we've just redesigned almost by ourselves, yeh pretty good isn't it? ( it has all the fiddly bits, like personalised products menus, boxes for almost everything you can think of and design I'm very happy with.)...back to the subject...
I decided to move this blog on our website. I love having a space where I can share my finds, tell you about our work and lives. So really it's not saying goodbye, just hopefully you will move with me?
This blog will be a bit different, I will introduce someone else as well and we will also write monthly reviews of films, TV and music. 
I can't wait, it feels like a fresh start! are you coming with me? 
.....and yes that's our William, he loves to be photographed....


  1. Great to know that we can still see postings from you with all your lovely designs and stylish home over at your new 'home'. What a fabulous adventure its been starting with the blog and now a successful business. Wishing you continue growth and fun times.

  2. Of course I will follow you!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your new website! It looks great! I will definatly follow you to your new blog home :)

  4. Congratulation, the website is fabulous. All the best with your new venture.


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