our french holiday

27 August 2009

After couple of days washing and generally doing boring housework I finally found the time to blog about our holiday. We went to France to be with our friends for nine days. It was great. They live in South West of France and their family owns a huge farm with couple of gites. They rent them out as holiday homes so we had one for ourselves. It's fantastic house with four huge bedrooms, living space , big garden and private swimming pool. It was hot all week. Very very hot..but the main reason for us to be there was their wedding !!! Big long French wedding. I mean very long..:) the dinner started at 9.30pm, the main course was served at 0.30am and the dessert half past 2 in the morning :). But no complain at all. It was fantastic to be part of it. We had great fun. This is the house and our bedroom.
The swimming pool. It was hot hot hot... But why does the weather has to be so rubbish every time I come back from holiday ??? is it just me ?
The market. The quality of food is fantastic. I really envy that. I would love to have the possibility to buy local fresh fruit and veg on my doorstep.
and it was hot again...
I just want to say thank you to my friend Audrey for inviting us. So thanks Aud. :).... You can rent the house here La Maison Veiile. Next time I'm blogging about the grand wedding and the preparation !


  1. I love france! looks like you had an amazing holiday. thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. thank you..yes it was great...nice blog by the way...:)


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