the wedding

27 August 2009

The preparation started probably 1.5 year ago. My friend A. started to have ideas, loads of ideas, and more and more. I got involved around 6 months ago. So we had ideas together, e mailed a lot, talked a lot, searched a lot. She did a brilliant job. Everything was very detailed, booklets for church had same cover as the paper on the floor, three types of favors according to nationality and sex :), perfect life music...the list is endless. This is the preparation stage. It was hard work, we had to prepare the whole room (120 people upstairs and downstairs room for children) by four people. Plates, candles, flowers, table cloths, glasses and the FOOD PYRAMID....what do you think of it ?
It all started in church at 2.30 pm.
and continued in a castle in the evening.
and all ready. Just run around and lit all the candles....
live music, 6 courses, wine, cheese, long night....
And that was it. Hot long summer evening. Wedding of my best friend. Day to remember. I do like weddings. What about you ?


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