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9 January 2010

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I had a little bit more time the last couple of weeks so I was able to catch up with some stuff around the house and cross off a few lines on my list. We had been given this birch wardrobe a while ago same as the rocking horse and my plan was to paint or wallpaper them. I had quite a few ideas for the wardrobe (as usual), the same wallpaper all over, different wallpapers for each draw etc...In the end I surprisingly painted both white. How original:)...I figured with white cot, tiny room and with my obsession for changing and moving things this is the easiest option. I have never been a pink girl and before A. was born our house and previous flats were beige, white and black. Same as my clothes. I used to live in black, now I wear it rarely. Colours slowly crept into my life and house.
I had a lot of questions and emails about this room lately so here are some answers:
wardrobe - old ikea (discontinued product), cot- ikea, bedding - mamas & papas, throw- laura ashley, rocking horse- gift, tree- dwell studio, wings- pedlars, pictures- me (sarah & bendrix), felt birds- me. room size - 4.4sqm (tiny)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Elegant and whimsical, a true girl's room. I am really enjoying your blog. Have agreat day.

  2. I think you did a great job. The rocking horse looks lovely. White is so fresh and clean and you can mix it up with great colours that really pop - just like your little dabble in pink. Perfect.

  3. it looks great! makes me (almost) wish I had a little girl instead of a little boy. Almost.

  4. thank you very much...:)

  5. Love this room, beautifull details!
    Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  6. Hi, I would like to invite you to post your baby's nursery on my site. Such a cheerful room.

  7. Hi there, Love your website. Would you mind sharing how you made the little birds and owls? I would love to make some in my baby's room. Thanks a lot.


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