You look lovely today

7 January 2010

I've recently purchased postcards from Keep Calm Gallery and I put them around the house today. I bought set of 12 - Be Optimistic and set of 3: You look lovely today, You are my sunshine and You are the best! So I walk around the house and feel great! Honestly it helps:) This is on our landing. Selection of photographs, drawing from my friend Audrey, charity shop finds and of course my Girl With The Pearl...
They also have this new print - Rubens Rounding Third by Matthew Rose, which I really like...
keep calm gallery

more cards and prints here...
Have a great day!


  1. What a lovely home, style and blog! so happy I came across your beautiful work. Happy new year!

  2. Hi Veronika, what a beautful landing. I came across your blog via Bliss and I have sent my boys to my mum's place, have bought a lovely cup of coffee and I'm going to sit here and read your blog from the start. I know I am going to enjoy myself.

  3. thank you so much both of you and happy new year:)

  4. Wow, what a fabulous home you have!

    So inspirational :)

  5. Hello...just stumbled upon your blog via Bliss ~
    love that you have A girl with a Pearl on your walls...ever since I read the book and watched the movie I Have such a special place in my heart for that painting...and artist. Love your home too, btw!

  6. thank you...I just really like looking at it and love the film and book as well...I'm sometimes very melancholic:)

  7. You have such a lovely home. I came across your blog via Bliss also, and I'm so glad I did. I love how you've displayed the artwork on your landing, very nice!


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