snow! snow! snow!

6 January 2010

it's quite unusual in England so everything stops, kids don't go to school, trains are not running, people are panicking. I'm from Czech and we used to snow so it amazes me every time, but in a nice way. What about you? Is it snowing, raining or the sun shining where you live?
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and there is me in the middle....:)


  1. snow snow snow ..a lot where i am at the moment :-) xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  2. Here the sun's shines most of the time. Hello from the Philippines.

  3. Ah great pics. I love the snow.

    I live in Derbyshire but my village didnt get so much so we ventured further North for a snow day last Sunday. Chilly but fun.

  4. oh it looks like so much fun! Have a great time in the snow!

    I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful home over at bliss!!


  5. thank you...still snow here and freezing...!

  6. A nice little snow dusting.....Just enough to be pretty, but not slow us down. Perfect! I don't mind snow, but I hate waking up to darkness.

  7. I understand that Lisa...but I like to have different seasons, hot summer with long evenings, cold winters with snow...the only problem is in Uk is more just rain and dark ...:)

  8. i am enjoying your blog so much! everything is so beautiful here!

    well, i'm from brazil, rio de janeiro, now it's summer here and it's always reeeeeally hot! the thermometers go to 40°C (104°F) easily.
    in this moment it's 31°C (88°F), so a little bit cooler! :)


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