A. loves reading

6 February 2010

She climbs up and throws books down
they all flying down....
but then she picks them up...
She climbs on the sofa and covers herself with this blanket (our reading blanket:)
and reads, mostly with me, but sometimes on her own....
and reads....and reads
then sleep....


  1. oh bless her she looks so cute!! my two still just look at things and drop them to the floor leaving them for me to pick up and they are 5 and 8 years!!!
    i will get my own back when they are older :-D
    really enjoying your blog
    Lesley x

  2. A is so gorgeous, you must be a very happy mum to have such a beautiful and sweet looking little girl. Makes me want to have a nother baby to try for a girl.

  3. She is so adoralble! Enjoy every second you have with her!
    Really enjoying your blog.
    God bless, Chrislie

  4. Adorable! My little Ruby - 17 mnths - loves a book too. She says "sit" and then gets herself comfy on the armchair. And then "book" and "juice" and then she's ready to begin. She mumbles away pretending to read every line. Love it.

  5. thank you all..:) Victoria: Anya does that as well...so sweet how she pretends reading, she sometimes remembers and says words from the pages:)

  6. Aw, she looks so cute there 'reading' on her own - adorable!

    B x

  7. She looks so adorable and absorbed in her reading :)!

  8. How cute! She's so much like my little girl. She loves books too.


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