name day and jack

6 February 2010

I know, I said I won't be blogging but I so need a break! and tomorrow is my name day (7.2. Veronika in Czech Republic, where I'm originally from). Not many countries celebrate it but I think it's shame. It's like a little birthday. Every day of the year is associated with someone's name. And mine is tomorrow.
One of the presents I got today was a book from my sister. Jack's Kerouac On the Road. I first read it when I was sixteen and I still love it. This book is very special to me and also this particular one is done in the same style as the original... Kerouac typed the manuscript on what he called "the scroll":a continuous, one hundred and twenty-foot scroll of tracing paper sheets that he cut to size and taped together. The roll was typed single-spaced, without margins or paragraph breaks.......
jack on the road
thank you sis:)
have you got name day in your country?


  1. oh,yes,but i didn´t celebrate it until now...but you are right it is a lovley idea to have two big and also a little one...will be mabye we change this...;)...we wish you a wonderful name day tomorrow...hopefully with lots of sunbeam...;)...cheers from germany...ines

  2. Happy name day Veronica, I think they celebrate it where my parents come from (Portugal), I think it is a saint's day that each name is celebrated. I just checked with my mum, she says it is on the 16th April.

  3. wish you a nice name day... and yes, we do it as well in France! Lovely flowers :)


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