cupcakes and champagne anyone?

25 March 2010

One of my first posts on this blog was about a stylist Eva Lindh. I just came across these new images and what a yummy treat. Nice afternoon with friends? cupcakes, tea, champagne anyone? I love the colours, they are so fresh, feminine and SWEET. Last couple of days have been very long as A. is still not well and most of our time is at home. I think we read about 250.000 books and paint 125.000 cats,dogs, piggies. Any recommendation how to amuse a toddler with bad cold? have a lovely SWEET day everyone!
eva lindheva lindheva lindh

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  1. Hi
    If you like cupcakes, you might like the porcelain ones on this website are made by a ceramicist based in Essex and she has them with loads of different toppings on - they look delicious!


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