happy inspired weekend everyone!

25 March 2010

I want to share some photos of children's bedrooms I have been collecting. I have a small obcession...but if you like colours, kids bedrooms or looking for an inspiration ...come in...and I'm just going to point out the bits I like.
1.picture wall, shelving / 2.storage, honey toned cupboards, the bike
3. wall map, sticker,colours/ 4.oho...that colour combination! green, orange, chocolate brown..amazing
5. what a great idea, the fairy lights hearts
6. beautiful mobile and RED letter/7.'sweet washing line'
8. fantastic idea - little bench created from Ikea storage cabinets
9.wall colour, white floorboards...I want to move there..
10. wooden wall, cardboard kitchen
11. black wall, that ceiling!, floor, great colour combination
12. mixture of old and new, mirror, shelving, lamp, cushion...wellies:)
13.cool bench...
14. white floors, cots, displays, so neat, pristine, calm, oh and that rug...soft, soft, soft
I have a few little project prepared for this upcoming weekend. Some decorating, sewing, general pottering etc., maybe some gardening? What about you? anything interesting? but first of all what bedroom did you like? have a great one!
photo credits, links : 1. gap interiors. 2. flickr 3. flickr 4. gap interiors 5. gap interiors 6. flickr 7. flickr 8. flickr 9. livingetc. 10. flickr livingetc.


  1. What a wonderful collection, I too like collecting home images. Dx

  2. Great selection. Love that wall map - might have to get one of those for my son's room. Great idea with the Ikea storage boxes. We have that train table in white - really great to keep all the train stuff together and with little storage draws at the sides. I've been thinkng about painting one door in my son's room with chalkboard paint - might just go for it now.

  3. Ooo, some great ideas there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fab collection - I like bits of all of them! Must say I'm quite drawn to #9 and #12 though.... Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I love the idea of a striped ceiling, that might be my favorite.


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