inspired Saturday morning

6 March 2010

I saw this wonderful pink beauty and I wanted to see more. I came across inchmark, journal of Brooke Reynolds, who used to be an art director for Martha Steward Living and Kids, now a book designer. She created these wonderful decorations for her daughters birthday.
sweet cupcakes and invitations for the party. Love it.

Her journal is full of great ideas, like these little Valentine presents, created from match boxes.
and these ABC birthday cards. A is for amazing, B is for can create your own set and she will tell you how here. Very very inspiring.
Sunny, but still chilli weather here in wet Britain today. Boys off to rugby, A. is sleeping and me ? ...Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I have no idea what that big pink ball is, but i want one! Hell, I want loads of them all over my house! And those cards are gorgeous! how fabulous!

  2. Gorgeous, all of them, and so creative.

  3. Is the big pink thing a pinata? Love it.
    And those cards, cupcakes - actually all of it is lovely. Must take a peek at how to create them for Ruby's 2nd birthday in September - might take me that long to work it out!

  4. Fantastic. I love all of this stuff!

  5. i absolutely LOVE the letter cards...
    stylish and simple.
    and the colors of this post make me want to chew wads of bubblegum and wear my spring dresses!!



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