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10 March 2010

Last week was my busiest ever week (sarah&bendrix) and it was very hard. It's becoming increasingly difficult to balance family, my work, little Anya and to be honest, normal life. I'm not complaining, no no ...I'm extremely grateful, but I have to change some things. To make everyone around happier and myself included. A. is so sweet and she is growing so fast! She likes to ' cook ' with me at the moment. She has got her little pots and pans..
Yesterday we had arty day. We were well prepared, but it didn't last long. A. doesn't like to be dirty:) After 15 minutes of painting she was closing the pots and cleaning her arms, and whinging ...."dirty..dirty" ok then..I just tried..
So we went back to safe territory and started drawing. She loves it. And the second picture? Her work after few hours. She is very patient for her age...:) just joking:) my 11 year old stepson's work.
I have to go pack now. Tomorrow Portugal! Lisbon! can't wait. Going for weekend with my sister! just us two. nice. See you later everyone!


  1. Aww, excellent painting. Enjoy Lisbon!

  2. see you V! I can't wait to see a lot of pictures from Lisbon! Say hello to K. for me!

  3. I just stumbled into your blog, and I'm glad I did! I can't wait to check out your store!!

  4. V have a great time in Lisbon, I have been meaning to send you a list of places to go to in Lisbon, but just haven't been able to find my list, which I need to as in a few months I'll be there myself.
    Thanks for your sweet note, am off to bed to rest up.

  5. I love seeing kids create :)

  6. V yes i hope you have a great time in lisboa.Is a beautiful city...with so much flair...And the painting with your little girl remember me to my daughter´s drawing, too.It makes so much fun to watch them to being creative...and a big hug i know the problem of having a balance between work and family, hopefully you can relax a little bit...have a great time...until then cheers

  7. hahah very talented little one :-)
    xx cat
    CiTiEs of B


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