dining with kids

17 September 2012

Hi , it's Petra here today....

When I was a child I often used to hear 'don't speak when eating'. Even at nursery school we said before lunch "good tasting without talking". Now at home we do talk at the table, and a lot about all sorts of things and it is a good time. But I found myself that I have one 'rule': no toys, books etc, on the table during dining. But I think the rules are to be changed, or do the exception..... For instance last weekend, I made a surprise for the afternoon tea: I drew a road on the "tablecloth" from wrapping paper and Hugo while eating was dealing with traffic jam, delivering the raspberries, moving traffic signs. ... it was different and fun dining. Try it:-) 

More inspiration for dining with kids here.

See you next week!

photos & styling by P.+V. Weiss


  1. Oh! Do you have a Hugo as well?

    This looks lovely. We will have to try it!


  2. That looks laid a fun meal and love the colours.

  3. this looks like great fun. love the colours. it's pretty neat that your son collaborates with you on the photo shoots. I'm really enjoying your posts, Petra!
    kristin sjaarda

  4. Thank you Kristin for your kind words. I like your visual journal. Well done.Petra


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