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19 September 2012

Hello there! I finally moved all my stuff to a new studio/office space outside of our house, oh and it feels good! so nice not to be able to creep at 1.30am back to "that" room and start catching up on work and then at 2.30 realising, again! that 4.5 hours is probably not enough to survive in long term. So let's see if I keep to more decent sleeping hours. 
Other personal news I very reluctantly but necessarily started to drive again. After 8 years and never driving on left side, what a stupid thing, it has been challenging but so far, touch wood, ok. 
Plus I had this really exhausting virus which completely drained me and left me exhausted...so here I'm :)
No honestly, it's been very busy and stressful but it feels good. Times are changing, my small business, me and the path I'm taking. I 've made couple big steps which are scary but also necessary. 

Back to these images of wonderful work spaces. Mine unfortunatey doesn't  look like this, but one day..we can all dream ...
have  a great day!
all images from here
and check out this new shop of photos on Etsy


  1. Welcome back. Great to hear that you've now moved into a new studio - exciting and busy times. These spaces look fabulous. I'm sure yours will look that way too soon as you have such a great eye for design and style.

  2. I love your boldness, you have vision, not be swayed by this big step. Excited about your new workspace, lovely selection, yours will one day join them!
    Huge THANK you for the link, truly appreciated, D xxx (feeling a little out of my depth)!

  3. thank you! and you are welcome Dawn x:)

  4. Good luck with everything and I hope you are feeling better by now, changes are good, love your kid's painting!


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