Australia 2. - Sydney

5 March 2013

We spent most of our second week in Sydney. We enjoyed quite tropical weather, misty, muggy and hot. We did the usual touristy things like taking a water taxi to a few places, seeing Opera and climbing the Harbour Bridge. Bondi Beach was busy but still absolutely wonderful. I have been taking way to many photos, so here is a few from that week. We also stayed in this place, gorgeous two bedroom apartment, with oozes of style and space. Highly recommended, plus it had a huge roof terrace which reminded me High Line in NY. Five stars from me.
Since then we moved to Queensland and through a couple really rainy days we arrived to very close to Fraser's Island. But more about it next time.....


  1. Looks amazing! Also, love the colours in that picture of A! Glad you're having a wonderful time!

  2. Wow! Sydney! One of my dream! Great pictures!

  3. your pics are so good, no joke! and your blog is great.

    Albert S.


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