touch of spring

7 March 2013

Hi it is Petra here today.

At a time when our friends from London traveled with family to sunny Australia, we at the same time left for vacation to London and lived in their lovely house. I love London. Every visit I discover a lot of interesting places. As I mentioned in a previous post, I planned to visit Poilâne bakery and I can recommend it, we had a pleasant experience.
Every time I return home full of inspiration and enthusiasm to implement both new and long overdue ideas. For some time I wanted to use a bit of old rose color in our bedroom, where I usually prefer beige and gray and white, accented with gold and black.
And after the return from London, was the right time to bring old rose into our house like a nice memory of the first spring flowers in parks and gardens.
I can't wait until spring arrives to Prague!

See you later!
photos & styling by P.+V. Weiss

kiss poster pink here


  1. Oh, Its great when you can change homes with your friend while vacation!!!
    Love the new decorations with roses, very beautiful!

  2. I love this bedroom. Is that white table lamp from Habitat? It may be what I've been looking for.

    1. Thank you. Yes it is from Habitat. The bigger size. It is very elegant. I can recommend it.

  3. pale rose is very elegant and positive. and so poetic!
    i can almost hear your pale pink steps. what's the time, spring? it's high time! blossom up girl, for flowers&fresh salad sake!
    (i'm just trying to make spring rush to Prague, London, Bergamo...she's already in Napoli)

  4. Thank you. But we have to wait a bit here. Actually just got some fresh snow.


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