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16 March 2013

We got back couple of days ago and after spending almost 30 hours on plane I felt awfully jet legged and exhausted. Due to a wrongly booked flight we had to travel from Brisbane to Melbourne, then to Bangkok, wait 4 hours and then to London. Simply, we left lunchtime on Monday from our apartment and got home on Wednesday morning. Not recommended with 4 year old :) But hey...
Back to this post. When in Melbourne and Sydney I discovered a couple lovely shops which I would like to share with you.
In Melbourne I found MUD which sell beautiful ceramic, the first photo. If I could I'd have bought the whole lot but I'm very happy with a few lovely bowls I purchased.
The second photo is from Little Salon where I bought these cutest neon earrings. Both definitely worth a visit if you are in area.
In Sydney I very much enjoyed Aesop, (3rd. photo) and Seed where I bought way to much clothes for Anya...And the last photo is of lovely Brooke from elementsilove, our Australian stockist. They store wonderful mixture of French and Indian antiques and vintage inspired pieces. Beautiful shop.....

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  1. Looks like you saw some of the best retail Australia has to offer, hope you go home and tell everyone that Australia is not the cultural creative backwater a lot of Brits assume it is! X


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